"we want to see more art outside gallery walls, on streets & clothes"


Meera is an ethical clothing brand with a purpose. We want to help artists showcase their work and make some money along the way. We have seen the transformative power of art and we want to nurture this force and help it grow. Most of all, we want to see more art on streets and clothes instead of artistic flare being confined within gallery walls.

Empowering Artists

We dream of enabling talented artists with so much potential, who often have to compromise in order to make ends meet. By putting their drawings on our clothes, promoting their work on social media and paying them fairly, we hope to give them exposure and a financial boost. The more well known and established we become, the more we can give! 

Ethical & Sustainable

We are equally passionate about respecting the people who make our clothes. Our suppliers are all certified sellers of organic, low-impact, fair trade garments, respecting human rights and dignity and minimizing environmental impact. We do our best to keep true to these values in every aspect of what we do - learn more about it here

Honesty & Inspiration

Most of all, we want to stay sincere and transparent. We are a small group of friends with an idea we believe in, and not a corporate entity aiming to maximize profit. Yes, we want to be a viable business, but never at the expense of fellow humans, animals, or the environment. To ensure we stick to our values, we will keep all aspects of what we do transparent and welcome criticism more than praise. We are certainly not perfect, but we will keep learning and improving as we go. 

The deepest inconvenient truth we have to face is that arguably, the best reaction to our environmental issues would be to not produce any more stuff. Failing to acknowledge this would be a major flaw if we're striving for honesty. We believe however, that the positive impact we add will make a significant difference. Globally, there is a growing number of projects with a similar ethos of social and environmental responsibility, setting a new norm for start-ups to follow, while forcing the established corporations to rethink their policies. We want to be part of this movement for change. 

We don't expect to change the world on our own, but we enjoy doing our part and hopefully we'll inspire others in the process!