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MEERA stands for Made Ethically Environmentally Responsible Art. We started with a clear set of values and we plan to stick to them.



The main concept behind Meera is to empower creative people. It's important to have a solid plan on how to do so, while staying flexible and ready to evolve and build on this plan. 

Every designer collaborating with us has her/his work regularly promoted through our social media platforms. They all have their own page on our artists section where you can check out their short bio, artworks and website - information that will also appear on our t-shirt's paper tags.

All artists will be paid fairly, either per piece of clothing sold with their design on, or by a one-off amount - depending on our agreement. As we grow, we improve our logistics to make sure our artists earn as much as possible. We have more exciting plans for the near future, like printing on paper and organizing events and exhibitions where our artists can showcase and sell their original artwork. 

We are on a constant lookout for new talent and we look forward to accommodate more artists and more designs. While we look for diversity in style, we're sticking to monochromatic designs in order to keep a consistent aesthetic. That doesn't mean that we only choose artists who avoid color, we'll just use their monochrome pieces for our clothes while promoting the full spectrum of their work. 


Sourcing our clothes from ethical & sustainable suppliers was never part of our concept idea or marketing plan, it was simply the only way to go. The fashion industry's complex supply chain has been and still is hugely damaging to millions of lives, and massively harmful to the environment. To make sure we avoid being a part of this, we are currently working with a single supplier. 

Neutral® is a Danish company that sources its garments from India and is working with six different independent bodies to guarantee their products are manufactured according to the highest social, ethical and environmental international standards. These are their certificates:

GOTS //  100% organic cotton by GOTS Sustainable Textile methods certified and inspected by Control Union. The aim of the standard is to ensure the textiles are made using raw organic materials and environmentally and socially responsible methods. License no. CU810963. 

EU ECOLABEL // The official EU label for Greener Products. Ecolabelled products have a comparatively modest impact on air, water, soil, quality, natural resource consumption, global warming and biodiversity. Products must pass rigorous tests with results verified by an independent body. The label adorns top performing products only. License no. DK/016/049.

FAIRTRADE // The Fairtrade Certification Mark is your independent guarantee that the cotton in this product has been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade Standards. License no. 19007.

SA8000 is based on the principles of international human rights norms. It measures the performance of companies in eight key areas: child labour, forced labour, health and safety, free association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation.

NEUTRAL® RESPONSIBILITY // Renewable energy powers the Neutral® production. That way, making Neutral® clothing contributes to cleaner environments and fights climate change. In times of surplus, energy not needed for production is directed to local networks.

OEKO-TEX 100 // The Oeko-Tex 100 Standard comprehensively addresses the human ecology component of textile products. It evaluates and screens for any harmful substances present within processed textiles, which are intended to come into contact with consumers. License no. ZHGO 034436.

Learn more about Neutral here


We have chosen silkscreen printing as the preferred method to transfer designs onto our clothes, as it is the highest quality and most durable way to go. Our printing partner in Berlin is Black Star, one of the first textile printers in Europe to be awarded GOTS certification (see above). This means that they can print shirts with GOTS approved printing inks while the whole process is certified.

Learn more about Black Star here.