More about Apollon

Born and raised in Athens (Greece), Apollon spent much of his adult life in the UK and later Luxembourg. He was a scientist who helped satellites launch into space and communicate with the earth. He was also incredibly talented and creative, spent a lot of time drawing, painting walls and skateboards and making stuff. 

Apollon suddenly passed away in December 2017 in a snowboarding accident, leaving a huge hole in our lives. He left this world doing something he loved, living his life to the fullest until the last moment. His passionate approach to life was an inspiration to all of us, he was an incredible friend, he was family. In many ways, this brand is dedicated to him.

This is the first time his work is showcased online, and we will be donating all earnings from his designs to a cause to be decided in discussion with his close family.

Apo, words can't express how much we miss you.


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