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Art on Ethical Clothing.

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What we do

We print artwork on t-shirts and things. In doing so, we promote talented people and support them financially. Every material used is ethically produced and respectful to the environment. Learn more here.

Our Progress

We dream of expanding our network of artists and designers, while staying true to our values. We have been testing our product for over a year now by printing six unique designs from four artists on 300 unisex T-shirts, and selling them online as well as on our events and exhibitions. The feedback we have been getting is more than encouraging, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that! As we prepare for a big pre-sale on our soon-to-launch crowdfunding campaign, our online shop is temporarily inactive. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to find out when it's all going down!

We'll only poke you if it's super important.

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We are determined to showcase the beautiful work of the artists we work with, promote them and support them financially in any way we can.




We are on a mission to put art outside gallery walls and on to streets and clothes, while supporting the artists involved in the process. 




We stay true to our ethos, respecting the people who make our clothes and minimizing our environmental impact in everything we do.


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We are a small group of friends with a desire to do business without losing our souls. We also really like lemurs... and equally sized paragraphs.